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WORDFINDER Ltd. & Co. KG: Leadcampaign

Lead Campaigns Strategic Combination

Moreover, because revenue is all that counts, we consistently developed our product portfolio in the last years to a package of the most efficient sales tools. All our services are tailored to the needs of midsize business. they  serve only one purpose: the generating of new business and additional turnover.

With this in mind, Wordfinder avoids the so-called one-time-action that quickly loses effect. In fact, Wordfinder offers you with its holistic well thought through lead campaigns the obvious advantages of synergies and crossover effects.

All our campaigns presuppose an individual case of needs for your enterprise or your products, which we solve with a suitable combination of effective tools. Thereby all campaigns are feasible on a national and international level or with concentration on the European market.

  •     Lead Campaign New Business Classic
  •     Lead Campaign New Business Advanced
  •     Lead Campaign New Business Premium
  •     Lead Campaign New Business Gold
  •     Lead Campaign Exhibits, Trade Shows,
        Training, Events, Road shows
  •     Lead Campaign Reseller, Partner Acquisition
  •     Lead Campaign Product-to-Market
  •     Lead Campaign Capital Request
  •     Lead Campaign Customer Retention
  •     Lead Campaign Care of Prospective Customers