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WORDFINDER Ltd. & Co. KG: Media Partners

Public Relations Media Partners

We maintain professional and personal relationships to all-important media within the area of IT independently of whether these are popular general news media or professional IT media. 

Decision News Media
Investment decisions are made by decision makers, meaning that these must be reached directly. As one of the few lead agencies, Wordfinder regularly publishes in High-End Media.

In a globalized world, there is only one market, but  this market is dependant on the many local markets throughout the world. We bring your businesses and your products into those markets that are important to you. Thereby our focus is continental Europe for American businesses and the North American continent for European businesses.

Regional and Local Businesses
Often businesses are by the nature of products and services bound to a specific locality. If your company can operate only regionally, we not only make your expertise, products, and/or services known in your city or your region, but also make you a market leader locally.  Wordfinder offers a specifically designed program to help local business owners compete with established brands in their local markets. 

Industrial Sectors
Focusing on the specific industrial sector, often constitutes a unique selling proposition (USP).  We analyze the market and find the right target sector for you. Industrial sectors most focused on are among others:

  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Automotive industries
  • Disposal
  • Defense
  • Plant construction and Mechanical Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Tax Service Providers
  • Accounting/Controlling
  • Wholesale and Retail